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With Zvolv’s no-code automation platform, process champions can now innovate and build apps without dependence on developers or backlogged IT teams. Streamline your processes, now.

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Intelligent Automation

Zvolv’s intelligent automation bots enable customizing and evolving your apps in days. Improve efficiency, orchestrate processes, and integrate end-end across your people, data and systems.

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Zvolv lets you focus on the what, not the how. Fast-track innovation, enhance productivity and revolutionize your operations, with automation that delivers. And is ready to scale out of the box.

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Trusted by global companies For rapid enterprise-wide transformational deployments

Future Group
Zvolv has brought us real-time visibility and structure to our new product development and innovation processes by tightly integrating stage gate with technology - helping us launch products faster and first time right.
Head of IT Applications
We have been leveraging Zvolv to launch many apps for both internal as well as patient use. Integrated with our data systems, Zvolv apps have helped reduce significant manual effort in cross-center data collection, appointments, nurse triage and many other applications. A great team and platform to work with.
Chief Operating Officer
We haven’t left many stones unturned in our automation journey with Zvolv. Every process that can be integrated and automated, has been with this super capable platform. Loving it.
Senior VP, Projects
For a fast evolving business like ours, tools to optimize our operations need to be built fast and changed often. With the Zvolv platform we have been building a new app almost every other week - with very complex automations. There is not much we can’t do with Zvolv - a perfect platform to tackle operations challenges at scale!
Director, Process Excellence
Zvolv has helped manage projects in a new way - tracking progress without physical presence and resolving issues with ease. We are able to turnaround projects much faster with Zvolv!
Head of Projects
Zvolv has brought single screen visibility to our site selection and approval processes, With tightly enforced processes and more accountability, our turn around times have reduced by over 50%.
VP, Business Development
Field audits to track revenue, sales, inventory or mystery shopping, were a predominantly manual and paper heavy process until we launched Zvolv. With the ability to build apps in days, custom-fitted to the specific audit, we have been able to automate our processes and bring in a lot of actionable intelligence.
GM, Internal Audits


Low on effort,High on impact


Capture your business process into Zvolv's intuitive GUI or via simple templates. Pair all the knowledge and experience available across your organization to build processes that deliver peak performance.


Zvolv gives you the power to define your process via tasks, dependencies, approvals, timelines, metrics used to measure each step, check lists and more. Add and enforce consistency in data, documents and decision-making.


Make your Zvolv apps intelligent and more impactful by configuring automation bots to tackle complex, repetitive or error- prone tasks. Pick from the vast library, or build your own.


Connect critical 3rd party systems like your ERP, CRM, POS and more to Zvolv with simple yet powerful APIs. Push and pull documents and data as required. Data is now unified and structured, making it more useful.


With a single click, Zvolv translates your processes into projects and tasks with built in bots and forms, accessible via mobile and web apps. No need to worry about servers, databases, dev-ops, security, scalability - Zvolv does all the heavy lifting.


Zvolv couples the scale of well defined processes with the agility of quick changes. Try your Zvolv app in a matter of days, iterate until the solution is optimized to your needs. Your apps can now evolve as fast as your business.

Unleash the power of Zvolv for your business

Connect your People, Processes and Systems.
With Intelligent Automation, Process Orchestration and Operational Control Towers, Tailored to You!

Use Zvolv to accelerate your retail expansion

Use Zvolv to drive consistently great user experiences

Use Zvolv to optimize your operational efficiency

Use Zvolv to manage your data-driven planning processes

Use Zvolv to execute your projects flawlessly

Use Zvolv to get your products to market faster

Recent apps built on Zvolv platform


Audit automation platform for a global leader in inter audits. Enabled launching audit apps for revenue assurance, mystery shopping, stock taking, facilities management and brand compliance for end clients, in a matter of days each.


Operations management platform for a global foodtech leader. Suite of apps to manage all aspects of cloud kitchen ops, from menu innovation to partner onboarding and feedback to maintenance. Continue building an app a week!


World's leading eyecare retailer. Process orchestration and automation from identifying the right sites, to managing all approvals and documents, to project execution and merchandise planning. Slew of integrations including CRM, ERP, call-center, partner websites and more. Enabled opening a new store every other day!


Tracking all activities from concept to launch in stores for one of the largest fashion retailer, across dozens of brands and hundreds of parallel streams of activities. Enabled learner, more efficient operations with over 40% faster launches.


Leading FMCG company launching hundreds of products a year. Stage-gate based process management app to enable launching products faster, first time right, and meeting profitability metrics and safety/quality compliance.


One of the world's largest multi-format and multi-vertical retailer. Apps to manage on-site project execution and vendor activities, with real-time visibility into status, tracking efficiency and managing escalations proactively. Enabling on-time and first time right execution.

Unified platform that can do everything you envision And then some.

Full stack security and scale out architecture

Real time reconfigurable third party API integration

Mobile app virtualization

Collaboration and interactivity elements

No code workflow builder

Context engine

Bot builder



Bot library

Learning algorithms

Intelligent Automation at work Amplifying Individual Impact, Empowering Decision Making


Intelligent automation is the next step in the enterprise automation journey beyond RPA and workflow automation. Zvolv’s IA Bots are designed to carry our complex, high value, decision making tasks integral to specific business processes. Say goodbye to mundane and accelerate how work gets done.


Zvolv bots can drive smarter decisions and faster execution by compiling, analyzing and presenting real-time and contextual data at the right time. They can learn, evolve & integrate across processes, ensuring data is never stale or out of place. Use intelligent automation to bring people, processes, and systems together.


Zvolv presents a large and growing library of ready to use bots, or the ability to build your own. Access modern enterprise and legacy data sources. Whether making predictions, crunching large data sets, generating impactful reports, or moving and validating data across disparate systems, there’s a bot for that.

Evolve your enterprise processes, fast. Start building for free

Private Cloud

Your data, on your servers, with your choice of cloud provider. Multi-tenant cloud and on-premise hosting options available.

Managed Dev-Ops

Zvolv does all the heavy lifting for setting up, monitoring, securing and scaling your servers, with SLAs.

SaaS Pricing

Pay as you go. No long term commitments. Scale features as required. Simple pricing model, no surprises.


State-of-the-art security with encryption, MFA, mobile virtualization, IMEI locks, GEO tagging and more.


Easy to use, robust APIs. Pick from off-shelf interfaces to multitude of industry standard tools - or build your own bot.


Unlimited users, unlimited data. Annual license fee based on number of processes implemented. Peace of mind assured.

Zvolv is the future of intelligent enterprise process automation.

We have a lot of interesting things to share, cool features to introduce, trends to comment on. Check back often.

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