Organizational GTD: Declutter Virtual Workspaces Across Your Enterprise

Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen is a proven productivity booster. But it is a personal productivity methodology, hard to deploy at an organizational level. Workflow Automation opens up the potential for Organizational GTD.

GTD allows us to manage our focus. The confidence that all of our to-dos with associated information have been captured and stored in an external system we can access whenever we need to allows us to focus on the task at hand. By breaking down our work into actual actionable and organizing them by context and priority we make sure we are maximizing the impact of time spent working. Continue reading “Organizational GTD: Declutter Virtual Workspaces Across Your Enterprise”

Does Your Enterprise Software Promote Common Sense?

Software that fits makes common sense common. Software that doesn’t challenges common sense. Here’s how you can make sure your software fits.
Enterprise software tools have spawned their own caste system. The C-Suite & VPs are at the top of the pyramid and mainly use reporting and analytics capabilities to provide direction. Middle management use reporting to manage their teams but they often also do some of their work in enterprise systems. At the bottom of the pyramid lie the executors who are responsible for most of the data entry that enables the reporting but gets very little out of enterprise software. So how surprising is it then that many implementations fail at the altar of user acceptance? Executors that are gaining little are more than happy to point out flaws.

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