Building SaaS in India — Now is the Time!

Originally published by Kamini Shivalkar on medium

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of action in SaaS. In the first half of 2019, Slack and Zoom were high profile tech IPOs. Icertis became 4th SaaS company from India valued at $1B+ (the first three being Zoho, Freshworks, and Druva). It is an exciting time to build a SaaS startup in India. At Gemba Capital, SaaS is one of our focus areas. We believe SaaS startups ‘made in India’ can win in global markets.

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A for Automation, B for Bots, C for Confusion…

The word “Bot” has a lot of negative human emotions attached to it, mostly due to incomplete information. Human response to hearing the word “bot” has become more Pavlovian (machines taking over the world) over a period of time as very few people have a complete understanding of the word. So, let’s set the record straight!

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