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Intelligent Data Driven
Workflow Automation Apps for Industrial IOT
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A Cognitive Workflow Automation platform interprets the IoT data streams and translates it into clearly defined actions.

Zvolv drives your OT and IT convergence strategy, with proof of value in under a week!

Zvolv Intelligently uses your machine data to drive your people’s actions with structured data triggered workflows and cognitive automation bots.

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Low On Effort, High on Impact


Map out your processes in the intuitive workflow builder in minutes. Integrate forms, documents, training media, tasks, escalations, notifications, dependencies and much more to build processes that guide and monitor your people’s actions.


Zvolv integrates with machines via gateway devices that packetize and stream sensor data to the cloud. Connect a single machine with loads of sensors, or your entire machine floor.


Zvolv connectors tap into machine data streams to monitor for actionable triggers. Setting up smart triggers via the rules engine lets you fine tune responses, and create complex combinations of sensor data streams.


Tasks, activities and entire workflows can be triggered with real time machine data, driving efficiency across the organization, enabling real-time decision making and access to contextual information.