The Key to Enterprise 3.0: Your Enterprise Cognitive Quotient

According to Ernst and Young the collaborative will inherit the earth. Social media has allowed individuals to collaborate to bring about everything from revolutions to new board games. What does it take to turn aspirations to enterprise collaboration into a reality?

Business technology is moving in leaps and bounds towards a single goal. Enable humans to focus entirely on activities that require creativity and decision making. Automate everything else.  AI is expected to significantly advance this goal over the next 5-10 years. This, in turn, puts a much higher premium on collaboration.

What most workplace collaboration products miss is the fact that enterprises have consciousness of their own. Enterprises have objectives, a culture and priorities that are important to the organization as a whole. Enterprises rely on their chains of management to translate these into tactical goals. Not every employee will be aware of every objective, priority or cultural nuance because employees are primarily focused on their own areas of responsibility. Enterprises also have a store of knowledge in the form or repositories and experienced individuals. The Enterprise Cognitive Quotient centers on how fast Enterprise Consciousness translates into tactical goals on a day to day basis. Look around you.
How much time, energy and money do your organization spend on:
  1. Communicating with teams on today’s priorities based on enterprise priorities as communicated by senior management.
  2. Educating teams on the approach they should take based on your organization’s culture.
  3. Sharing task related information collated from your ERP, client emails, your boss’ messages etc.
  4. Communicating with in-house experts to enable them to impact key projects with their experience.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Enterprise Cognitive Quotient comes from the speed and effectiveness with which enterprises drive four key metrics:
  1. Focus: How well is activity on a given day aligned with the biggest challenges and opportunities for an enterprise on that day?
  2. Cognizance: How fast can people access all the information they need to do a given task?
  3. Efficiency: How much avoidable work is avoided? How much do your people focus on creative work and decision making?
  4. Agility: How fast do your processes evolve?
Mobile, collaboration, cloud and most of all AI have a key role to play in enabling enterprises to achieve a high Enterprise Cognitive Quotient. Zestl’s Zvolv integrates multiple technologies and best practices into a simple, high impact platform designed to effortlessly raise you Enterprise Cognitive Quotient today.