Retail & Fast Food: New Outlets in Half the Time

When we started working with some of India’s top Retail and Quick Service chains we were surprised to find out how much room they felt they had to improve. As much as twice as fast. So where did they think they were losing time?

1. The Ground Connect: While project management tools broadly allocate responsibilities and track dependencies they don’t give you a single screen view of the exact task that is holding things up right this moment, why it is held up and who is executing it. Neither do they tell you exactly what has been built on the ground? Plans need to be updated, sites need to be visited and reviews need to be scheduled before anything can be done

2. The Lag: Information keeps flowing in through emails, messages, meetings and other channels. Everyone thinks their need is the most urgent. Most actions require a search through emails, folders etc. and often enough stakeholders decide they need to know more before they take decisions. This exacerbates delays.

3. The Bottlenecks: There are invariably teams that get overloaded from time to time. The dynamic nature of projects makes it difficult to know which teams are overloaded on a day to day basis as project plans change.

4. The Re-Work: New outlets are built to a vision that comes from multiple senior stakeholders. Construction teams, once they start do not stop. The challenges listed above result in work being done, rejected and re-done. If you have had a house or apartment custom built you will be intimately familiar with this phenomenon.

The Next Big Leap
Chains have been opening new outlets for a hundred years or more. They all have well-defined processes by now. They have all adopted project management and other tools. They all have smart people that know the domain. All of these advantages have shortened timelines over the years. What our customers are doing today is the next stage in this evolution. A 50% reduction in timelines makes it a pretty big stage. So how do we make this big leap possible?

Transparent, Accountable, Smart Execution
One View: With Zvolv everyone from the supervisor to the CEO gets to see exactly what the guy laying bricks sees, real time. But it doesn’t stop at providing visibility. With all information relevant to a task accessible at a click stakeholders can scroll through prior activity at a glance and share decisions on the go.

Three Steps Ahead: When progress is updated in real time by executors and the plan is granular delays and mistakes are easy to pick out before they happen. Zvolv enables customers to prevent delays and re-work.

Five Times More Focused: AI Analytics brings context to reporting. Delays on the critical path are escalated differently from other delays. Resource crunches are predicted before timelines are set. Higher value projects are prioritized. From supervisors to the C-Suite Zvolv enables the best minds to focus on the highest impact needs.